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Monday, 17 June 2013



Today's challenge comes from one of my long time friends I went to uni with. Meaghan is a yoga teacher and actor - so I guess that's where her creative mix came from! I decided to put the two together. Meaghan is one of those super star souls who always shoots for the stars. She is a constant source of inspiration and motivation in my life. Although we live in different cities I love that we can connect still in the cyber world and share thoughts, images and celebrate our journeys together. 

I must say that I initially found this drawing quite challenging. I am not really sure how a motorbike and side car go together - but I didn't let that stop me! My Grandfather used to drive one of these back in the 50's - but he passed away before I was born and the motorbike and sidecar were long gone by then. I spent the afternoon (after coming home from first day back at design school) doodling. I decided to just be playful and let the process be lighthearted and non serious. I think this shows in the drawing! 

I realised over the weekend that I need more than two weeks to complete this challenge. I am letting myself off the hook time wise on this journey. After all, you can't rush creativity. 

I found this wonderful clip that really illustrates this fact: Creativity requires TIME As a teacher of young people I could not agree more with the idea that we all need time to let flow happen.

Here is todays creative time in colour!

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