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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Magic of Mandalas

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."
(Gautama Buddha)

Early last year I stumbled across a creative business dreamed up by Sarah Wilder. I say "stumbled" but I feel that I am drawn to what I am drawn to for a purpose. Sarah designs mandala ring talismans in sterling silver.  I don't remember how I came across The Fifth Element Life website but I am glad that I did. I immediately fell in love with Sarah's mandala rings and felt drawn to one design that upon further inspection represented Creativity (of course it did!). 

Wearing my Creation Mandala Ring

Within a few months - with my new life getting into gear as a full time freelance artist - I was drawn to a second mandala ring: Motivation. These two silver rings serve as reminders of my journey as an artist and to firstly seek my own inner power before I send my work off into the world. The rings hold no magic power as such - but they remind me of my own power and ability to manifest my dream life.

Earlier this year I started to experiment with illustrating my own mandalas. Sometimes on paper, sometimes on the computer and sometimes on my own arm! There is an immense calm that emanates with creating an image from the centre and then radiating outwards.
A cup of tea, some colourful flowers and my sketchbook.

Experimenting with water colour

This is hung up above my studio desk. On the right are the two cards that came with my TFEL Mandala Rings.
When I look around my studio I realise I have been drawn to mandalas for a while. Several years ago I was fascinated with creating dreamweavers. The calm that emanated while stringing them is the same calm I feel when I draw mandalas. 
A dreamcatcher I made several years ago
A dream catcher I made years ago that celebrates music. 

And of course right above my desk is a colour wheel I painted when I was at design school.  When I look at it I am drawn to the white space in the middle and the delightful way that the colours frame this clear space. My artist mannequins celebrate the light next to a salt lamp (and under a Hawaiian Lei - because why not?) Colour and light are mandatory in my happy little studio.


Earlier this year when Sarah Wilder announced that she was looking for contributors for a mandala colouring-in eBook I knew I had to put forth a submission! I am proud to announce that a mandala I created entitled "We are Stardust" is included in the beautiful book. You can read all about the book here: 111 Mandala Meditation Magick 

To celebrate the joy of mandalas and bringing them into my life with purpose and colour I have created another mandala design which is available on my Redbubble Shop. I have called this one "Creativity Mandala". 

This mandala illustration serves to remind me to come back to my quiet place and take time to breathe and just be to let my creativity flow from my core. The colours emanate with the creative possibility and potential that lies within each of us when we are quiet and peaceful. Our most authentic inner selves can radiate outwards in all compass directions with ease and joy when move from our centre. 

The Creativity Mandala is available on tshirts, prints, hoodies, posters, greeting cards, pillows, travel mugs, tote bags, and EVEN LEGGINGS!! Yes! Colourful grounded legs will dance the day away in these beauties :-)
Be the colour in room wearing these creative threads!
Rest your head and let your inner calm permeate

KIDS T-SHIRTS, BABY JUMPSUITS (lots of size & colour choices)

You can check out my Redbubble shop (and all my other designs avaialable on a range of awesome product here: Lou Endicott - Redbubble Portfolio and shop

Wherever your day takes you I hope you remember to take time out to come back to yourself and breathe in the richness of your being.

Creatively yours,

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