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Thursday, 12 February 2015

THE DAY JAKE LOGAN ROBERTSON RAN OUT OF HUGS (And the day a dream came true for this illustrator!)

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"
(Walt Disney)

So today, the 13th of February 2015 marks an important day in my journey as an illustrator and creative business. 
After perhaps six months or more of hard work, my first ever children's eBook "The Day Jake Logan Robertson Ran Out Of Hugs" by  American author A. Nicky Hjort and illustrated by yours truly goes on sale on the publishers bookstore!  The book explores the power that a hug can have. It's a touching and sweet story centreing around a little boy named Jake who inherently knows about the magic a hug can create.

An author (of another book) originally contacted me in June last year after seeing my work on Illustrators Australia and then reading my blog. She passed my details and portfolio onto Jetblack Publishing who then contacted me to ask if I would be interested in working on this lovely book. Jetblack Publishing is a relatively new publishing house based in Melbourne but works with illustrators and authors from all over the planet. One of the reasons I was quick to say yes to working with Jetblack Publishing is that they donate 20% of the price paid for each eBook to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. ALNF is the first independent charity in Australia dedicated to raising national language, literacy and numeracy standards especially in remote in marginalised communities. 

Having been a performing arts teacher to young people for well over a decade I couldn't refuse. I agree with the ALNF in that reading and writing is a basic human right. To know that my work may assist children who perhaps would not be allowed this right fills my heart with hope and pushes my pencil on the paper with much pride.

Visit the ALNF website to see their great work!

And Check out my book in the Jetblack Publishing Book Store!

Today is also the day I officially launch my very own website!
The task of creating a website is one I think I have avoided for the past year since graduation with a diploma in design. My web coding classes were the hardest out of all my classes. Codes, numbers and logical thinking has never been something that I excell at. However, after much discussion with fellow creatives and small business owners I knew that a website was imperitive to create one single online hub for all my online avenues. With a website I could link my online shops, have a little gallery of my favourite pieces, introduce who I am with simplicity and of course link my blog!

I used the web builder Weebly for my website. And I must say - the process was very straightforward and enjoyable! No coding was needing. The templates that Weebly offer are easy to use and allow for creative flexibility so that you can create the exact look you are after. The result is a website that I think is both easy to navigate around and stylish.

Visit Lou Endicott Illustration & Design Webpage

I am so exicited to have as a hub for my work and for a place for people to contact me for commissioned work.

Needless to say, the heart is filled with much gratitude right now :-)

I hope wherever you are today you are dreaming big!

Creatively yours

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  1. So so proud Lou. Your website is lovely too. I'm going to email you a testimonial in the next few days.