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Tuesday, 11 March 2014


"You see things and ask "why?"; I dream things that never were and think "why not?""
(George Bernard Shaw)

So I have a line of t-shirts available via Red Bubble! I thought that perhaps the best way to promote them to people is to actually buy them and WEAR them myself!

I thought "why not?" Why not literally stand behind my art and put my work out there? After all if I wouldn't wear the shirt how do I expect others to see it's value.  So I put an order in just under a week ago for a shirt with my
CREATIVE THINKING design.  The t-shirt arrived on my doorstep today in a
cute cardboard parcel with a Red Bubble Sticker and a swing tag with my name
on it attached with a little wooden peg.

It was so satisfying to put on the t-shirt - the fit was right, the fabric soft and the design - well the last one I am so happy with! With the exception of some jewellery beads (which were more crafty than anything) I have never made wearable art before! 

What do you think?
Do you like the design?
Check it out at Red Bubble - LOADS of colour choices, sizes and styles!

Lou Endicott's illustrations - T-shirts and more on Red Bubble

Here I am in my new shirt! The cheeks of the design are hard to see in the photo due to the light in my backyard, so I am attaching a shot of the design.

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