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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Art 4 All!

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls"
(Pablo Picasso)

So I have been busy this week on several projects. First I have had pencil to paper drawing rough sketches for the e-book "The Day Jake Logan Robertson Ran Out of Hugs" by A.Nicky Hjort (to be published by Jetblack Publishing). I have been working on some smaller isolated images for the picture book. I am loving working on this project and using the beautiful manuscript to create visuals that will hopefully delight and bring the lovely story to life.

Here are a couple of sneaky sketched rough work-in-progress pics:

The Melbourne sunshine has taken my office out of doors a few time to snatch a few precious rays - sometimes on my lunch break, sometimes to draw and reset the creative mode. I have been scheduling regular times to go out hiking and walking in the majestic beauty that this corner of the world holds. Here I am last Friday hiking in the Dandenong Mountains (with jasmine flowers secured to my hair). One happy soul right here:

And here's a faery I drew when I found a glorious spot in the sun on a green slope to rest my hiking legs (jasmine in HER hair too):

There is something breathtakingly beautiful at this time of year in the air here in Melbourne (except for those with hay fever!) For me I just have to get out and breathe in the air. And there are moments when everything just makes sense. The trees, the plants, the light and everything in between just seems to sparkle. Like this moment, standing still in the forest by myself feeling all my senses come alive as the sun dappled through the trees…..

It's been so re-energising going on these hikes. When I get back to my studio I am ready to make manifest my dream life and get back to the drawing board (literally).

Tonight I have been going through all my current print in stock as I prepare for Art 4 All - an art show hosted by Fairfield Primary School. I will have two framed prints on display to celebrate Spring at the show. I will also have a variety of prints for sale in the art shop. The weekend looks to be nothing short of fabulous with a grand opening night, silent chair auction, feature artists, a children's gallery and a designated family day as part of the event.

My studio table is filled with colour as I choose prints for the Art 4 All shop!

I hope this week fills you with creative joy and you find time to let nature share her secrets with you.

Dream big,
Lou :-)

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